Unemployment in Nagaland – Sad reality or the Bitter truth

Unemployment in Nagaland

Relating to Darwinian evolutionary theory “Survival of the fittest” in Nagaland from employment and career perspective point of view, we need to consider and redefine the theory “Survival of the fastest” or “Survival of the Smartest” because I am certain that specially almost all the youths are fit enough to contribute something to self and to the society as a whole in exchange of his/her set skills and time to monetary or any other other benefits.

But why Unemployment ?

Sad reality or the bitter truth…Lately with a morning cup of hot tea blended with a ray of little sunshine like an atom bomb in backyard we have seen in local dailies and the news that Nagaland has the highest unemployment rate among the states at 21.4% in India which I personally want to believe that it cant be true but on the other side of the coin we cannot deny the fact that the number of total population, number of govt. employees at governmental organisation and the number of educated unemployed seeking govt. jobs are heading to never ending opposite directions – I called it “The harsh bitter reality”.

No offence but I believe it is humble to seek government job and serve the society in general with whatever skills one have. It is true that the paycheck in most private organisation are thin.. so thin for most of the people who works away from home in towns and cities like kohima and Dimapur which is enough only for house rents and travelling expenses. But literally most of us do not consider self-employment or working in private sector as employment and we proudly say I am unemployed if we are working in private firms.

So how where and when can unemployment be solved ?

Its NEVER. Yes never until we change the mentality and unlearn what we need to unlearn and unleashing the potential in ourselves and reconstructing the overall systems of many organisations and also Working with dignity and understanding that in whatever way if we are contributing our skills for some benefits in any way we are employed. Backdoor appointments which cripples the overall functionary of the system should be strongly fight for and those employed personnel in government sectors who contribute nothing but patiently and persistently consumes national income and resources who goes out to reach office only when there is a delay in salary should give voluntary pension and recruit the deserving personnel to decrease a grain of unemployment problem and hugely increase the productivity of the state.

Above article is written on self understanding and observation and published to the reader of our own platform only. Comment below your opinions, we will be glad to update in our next updates.

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